A propos du projet

La cité d'images est un projet de recherche soutenu par le pôle Images et réseaux.
LCI | La cité d'images
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Augmented reality

Calculation means for real-time augmented reality applied to panoramic images of extreme resolution.

UHDTV and Multi-views

coding means of UHDTV images and synchronization in multi-shot mode and full duplex low latency.


Panoramic images of extreme resolution ( ``8k or 16k``) over very large areas and 360 fully remote controlled remotely.


taking into account the means of interactivity of a massive public ultimately addressing tens of thousands of spectators.

Economic analysis

results of social and economic analysis on the challenges and opportunities of digital technology applied to urban leisure and heritage development.


Participatory demonstrations in major cities of the Brittany Region at major media events.

The team

The team presents a set of ETI companies and SMEs fully complementary in their markets and technologies. Each brings a clearly differentiated building block and the sum allows to consider an ambitious project as envisioned in this project.


This project proposes to test the principle of immersion widely through panoramic projections interacting with a crowd at targeted events

Etat d’avancement du projet

Sous-Projet 1 : Besoins, Usages & Modèles Economiques0

Sous-Projet 2 : Captation & Réalité Augmentée Interactive0

Sous-Projet 3 : Codage & Transport0

Sous-Projet 4 : Objets Connectés & Scénarii0

Sous-Projet 5 : Démonstrations0

For over 15 years, Thomson Video Networks was one of the major players in the digital TV revolution with its platforms compression and transportation always content to the cutting edge

Thomson Vidéo Networks

Artefacto is a company specialized in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality.


Telecom Bretagne is one of 13 schools of the Institut Mines-Telecom, the largest group of engineering courses in France.

Telecom Bretagne

Rennes destination is a local public company, whose shareholders are Rennes Métropole and the city of Rennes.

Destination Rennes

ESC Rennes is a great business school ranked in the Financial Times among the top 50 European banks.


Founded in Rennes since 1987, Spectacular declines its activity in two main areas: the design and construction of events and shows, technical assistance for the show and the event


EESAB was founded December 27, 2010. It includes the four art schools in the cities of Brest, Lorient, Quimper and Rennes, nearly 900 students, which is the largest French art school.



Somes illustrations


For information contact

Eric Auffret, project coordinator.


Tel. +33 (0)2 99 27 30 30

Fax +33 (0)2 99 27 30 31